We continue in our mission to use theatre to help engage, educate and inspire.

Our Artistic Director and CEO of boutique consultancy and sponsor Soul Corporations Nick Brice has been working hard helping two global organisations benefit from the power of theatre methods to create highly engaged workplaces.

Two major projects:

    1. Helping the leaders of a global logistics and distribution company devise and deliver more engaging shift start-up meetings. The aim is to create a positive, engaged mindset with a focus on safety, quality and sustainability across the company.
    2. Working with the executive team of global software company Progress Software activate their brand values, establish thought leadership and connect with internal and external stakeholder audiences when they speak online an in-person.

For more information on these exciting projects and to discuss all the ways we have used theatre methods to transform the modern workplace, contact Nick directly at or


This year’s Edinburgh Fringe production was a great success. Plenty of 5-star and 4-star press reviews again.

A big thanks to all our lovely audiences who came and filled our new home – the 336-seat Pleasance Beyond. That’s one whole lot of croissants, coffee and strawberries!

Congratulations to this year’s team, clockwise from the centre: Tom Willshire, Polly Smith, Claira Amy Parr, Tom Hartwell and Rosie Edwards, superbly stage managed and directed by Tom Linden-McCarron with a little help and guidance here and there from Nick as brand champion.