Bite-Size “Bums” Play in Royal Shakespeare Company Stratford Debut!!

In December 2012, our new Bite-Size Play “Bums” made it’s acclaimed debut in the appropriately named Ruinart Bar at the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon.

A new play about customer segmentation (Shakespeare and Burbage debate the needs of different customers in their quest for more “bums on seats”), plus a tickle in the ribs for marketing/consultant type ‘bums’, wowed a team of marketing services managers and professionals:

Reviews have been very satisfying!

“They were excellent, very engaging with both humour and message.”
“What a professional production. ‘Laugh out loud’ funny, witty and totally pitched right for the audience, the event and the time of day. Left us wanting more!”
“What a great end to the day – it was really funny and thoroughly enjoyable, it made the day very distinctive and memorable.”
“Witty, satirical and with the bawdy style that allows the expression of matters normally kept under wraps. A fine criticism of the sometimes pompous world of marketing.”
“A fantastic performance, being briefed ‘today for yesterday’ i.e. at very short notice they managed to pull off a fantastic entertainment, 100% on brief, funny yet meaningful and deep at the same time, 150% commitment and delivery. And very pleasant to work with. Couldn’t recommend them more. “

This 15 minute play is now taking touring bookings for 2013 – conferences, workshops, networking events, business breakfasts (on it’s own, or with other Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show plays!)


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