Brighton Fringe 2013: ‘The Big Bite-Size Breakfast’ – Show Details

Our amazing new programme for this year’s Brighton Fringe Festival includes three adult “Big Bite-Size Breakfast” shows, featuring an amazing array international short plays with fresh coffee, croissants and great conversation. Please note: all these menus contain occasional strong language and some adult themes – ideally for 12+ (parental guidance recommended).


£12.50 (£9.50 for under 16’s and OAPs)
Includes fresh coffee/drink, croissant/cake, strawberry and theatre ticket!

MENU #1 – “DESIRES” – Latest Music Bar
A fresh working of some recent Edinburgh and Brighton hits

  • Keeping Annabelle by Rachel Welch
  • Mind The Flak by Paul Randall
  • Vintage by Lucy Kaufman
  • Undress Me Clarence by Doug Grissom
  • A Quiet Table For Four by Phillip Lindsdell

Featuring: Elise Fabris, Cassandra Hodges, Katrina Holloway, Bill Knowelden and Scott Virgo

5th, 12th, 19th and 26th May (11.00am)

MENU #2 – “INTERPRETATIONS” – Theatre Royal Circle Bar
Another handpicked selection of audience favourites

  • The Rehearsal by Michael Kalendarian
  • The Interpreter by Jonathan Kaufman
  • V.D. by Pete Malicki
  • Waiting For Hashim by Jacqui Baines and Alison Richardson

Featuring: Louise Fairbrother, Stephen Forrest, Tegen Hitchens, Rebecca Norris and David Tremaine

9th, 11th, 17th, 23rd and 25th May (10.15am & 11.30am)

MENU #3 – “FRESH FRUIT” – Theatre Royal Circle Bar
A selection of new and exciting plays from our network of international writers

  • Drury Lane by Don Nigro
  • Elephants & Coffee by Aoise Stratford
  • Thin Air by Tom Coash
  • The Needle And The Damage Done by Angus Brown
  • Hitched by Lindsay Williams

Featuring: Elise Fabris, Louise Fairbrother, Stephen Forrest, Tegen Hitchens, Rebecca Norris and David Tremaine

4th, 10th, 16th, 18th and 24th May (10.15am & 11.30am)

AND… during half-term week, we will also be presenting “Family Creatures” – a special family friendly selection of short plays, plus a ‘Bite-Size Play Factory’ of theatre workshops for 8-16 year olds! Click here for full details.