Community & Culture

*Embrace Theatre: diversity & inclusion in action*

Our disability-led programme of events and initiatives featuring artists living with disability and long term health challenges. We hold events and festival projects to include people in its broadest sense and give them creative voice in our community. Our 5-star press acclaimed ‘Funny as a Crutch and…’ show (with thanks to Rich Orloff), our support for Stroke Rehabilitation – all leverage our collections of Bite-Size Plays to make a real difference.

*Transform employee, customer and community relationships*

We’ve created short interactive animations employee and customer voices to inspire culture change. Clients include Glasgow Housing Tenant Services, Tata Steel Safety Leadership, Eastbourne Borough Council, Sainsbury’s, Brighton & Hove Albion Club and Albion-in-the-Community operations.

*Engage key stakeholders to support success*

We can immerse you in the deeper perceptions of customers, employees & other key stakeholder & develop new ways to get their active support.

Bespoke Bite-Size Plays to convey key messages – our play ‘Bums’ helped Shakespeare helped bring the meaning of customer segmentation to life for a marketing conference held at the RSC in Stratford-on-Avon!

Our Big Bite-Size Plays Factory productions of ‘Bite-Size Plays Goes Down the Toilet’ helped water companies Scottish and Southern Water educate parents and children in what should and shouldn’t be going down the loo. Yes, we even had a singing, dancing, flute playing poo!

With great case studies from live sports & entertainment venues, councils, retailers, housing associations…we’re helping leaders & staff get right behind a clear, shared & ‘owned’ vision of success with focused energy.

Bespoke ‘Bite-Size Plays’

In 25 years of creating conference, training and consulting solutions for major blue chip clients we have a unique capability to develop blended and innovative solutions that will engage and inform audiences of all levels. We can create short and high impact pieces of theatre to connect people with important messages and themes. Recently Network Rail launched their leadership conference using a specially commissioned Bite-Size Play set at East Croydon station that gave a voice to a range of their customers including people living with disability.

The Art of Performance

Our workshops and plays can stimulate deeper thoughts and feelings around critical organisational issues, for example:

  • stories of customers and employees and their real experiences of doing business with your organisation – plays that highlight negative behaviour
  • self-defeating mindsets, coercion, bullying, manipulation
  • scenarios featuring communication and the need for openness, authenticity and assertion
  • plays to get social inclusion, culture/national/gender/generational differences on your agenda with a lighter touch

We can create new material as well as adapt/perform plays from our multi-award winning collection!

“The best event of this kind I have ever experienced.” Frank Rich, former Head of Walt Disney Television & Paramount Studios, Los Angeles

“A brilliant and unusual way to build teams. Very effective.”  Ron Tanner, Founding Partner, Shirlaws, UK

“We haven’t stopped talking about it!” Mark Davenport, Director Catalyst Global

*Energise your organisational culture using theatre*

With sister company Soul Corporations ( we have created some powerful theatre-enhanced tools for helping you develop your people, your working culture and to support your community programmes…

*Short and Sharp Theatrical Inputs*

We can work with you to create training events that feature short pieces of theatre and engaging exercises to help meet your training and communication objectives at conferences, meetings, workshops, training events and even over dinner! Great theatre often works at a deeper level than a power-point presentation or high-tech video can ever achieve.

*The Ensemble in Action*

Develop real creative teamwork with our exciting and challenging new 2-3 day workshop for people who need to achieve optimum creative collaboration – the team manage and perform a Bite-Size Plays’ show!