The Big Bite-Size Lunch Hour Celebration! Vote Here!

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We’re inviting our friends to vote for their TOP 3 Bite-Size Plays of the last 10 years of Breakfast Shows.

The top 5 will then be performed in a special Edinburgh Lunch Hour Show running at 12.30pm daily 6-29 Aug (not 16, 23) in the spacious and airy ACE DOME in the Pleasance Dome (upstairs from our Breakfast show venue Queen Dome)

Our classic Breakfast show will also again feature three sparkling menus of plays at 10.20am daily 3-29 Aug (not 16, 23) with fresh coffee/tea, croissant and strawberry to welcome you!

Here are a selection to get you thinking!

Please email your votes to!

The Big Bite-Size Edinburgh Celebration Lunch Show – great past Bite-Size Plays to choose from – Pick Your Three Favourites and email:

Pride and Prejudice in Ten Minutes Flat (Tim Hehir) – Just what it says on the tin!

Vintage (Lucy Kaufman) – A vintage obsessed couple get stuck in 1942

Thin Air (Tom Coash) – A tenacious tight-rope walker struggles to overcome her personal crisis

Borys the Rottweiler (CJ Johnson) – A loyal dog has to face the consequences of his temper

The Interpreter (Jonathan Kaufman) – Luketian and USA ambassadors collide with an Interpreter

Big Fish, Little Fish (Joel Jones) – Dick Dravot and his saxophonist tangle with Lotta Vixen

Wigglers (Richard Graham) – Two middle class working mums compare notes at a Wigglers concert

Drew Barrymore and Sigmund Freud meet the Cookie Monster (Alex Broun) – Wolf compares Lee and Kat’s pitches by their effect on his manhood

Cate Blanchett Wants to Be My Friend on Facebook (Alex Broun) – Barry the builder gets a visit from an impatient Facebook wannabe friend

Answer Man (Joel Jones) – A jilted lover meets an unusual ukulele-playing chap who offers her the answers to her questions

Sleepless Nights (Jonathan Gavin) – A couple’s tense first meeting – then they find love on the other side of the world

Four Senses of Love (Arthur Jolly) – A man who can’t feel meets a woman who can’t smell and they find a way of expressing their love

Uncomfortable Silences (Andrew O’Keefe) – Nick agonises over whether to declare his love for Angela

Match Point (Chris Widney) – A Russian v USA tennis match reaches match point

Quite Table for Four (Philip Linsdell) – An internet date with inner voices in tow

Perfect Stillness (Jane Miller) – A lover writes his lover’s eulogy

A Taste of Heaven (Estep Nagy) – Afganistan war veteran tells his story of a special horse

The Key to the Mystic Halls of Time (Matt Casarino) – All night online gamers struggle to break free

Pop (Lindsay Williams) – Four hungover festival goers wrestle with a pop-up tent and their ethics

Hitched (Lindsay Williams) – A wedding reception celebration turns on the zipper of the bride’s dress

Bursting (Lisa Holdsworth) – Boy meets girl in a department store rest room in unusual circumstances

Big Game (Lisa Holdsworth) – A young woman wakes to find naked pictures of herself on Facebook – taken by her rugby playing sleepover

Bite Me (Nina Mansfield) – Ellen brings Mark a very unusual gift – that bites

In Sex (Jeffrey Neuman) – Two mantidea explore post-coital options

Mind the Flak (Paul Randall) – Magdeleine takes aim in her race for a seat at Kings’ Cross

Transactions (Scott McAteer) – A man visits a prostitute – ten minutes is all he can afford

I Thought I Liked Girls (Nicole Pandolfo) – A woman announces a big change to shocked parents

The Needle and the Damage Done (Angus Brown) – A man struggles to confess his secret obsession

Tell Someone Who Cares (Sara Browne) – Two women meet for coffee and share their innermost thoughts

Intertwining Monologue (Stephen Hopley) – Two spotlights – two actors